What Vegetables Grow Best in Hawaii?

Fresh vegetables in a farmers market

Hawaii’s growing season lasts all year, making it an ideal place to grow vegetables. The Big Island is host to five microclimates – from rainforests to deserts. A great variety of veggies grow in this state’s rich, volcanic soil. Like any region, it’s always best to plant the seeds of vegetable varieties … Read more

What are the benefits of cooking with coconut oil?

A cracked coconut and a bottle of coconut oil

Phu Thinh Co, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Coconut oil is a highly controversial food. While the media portrays it as something that has a lot of benefits to offer but the scientists say that it does not live up to its hype. However, several studies have been conducted on the … Read more

Are There Hawaiian Beers?

glass of beer by the beach

Nothing compares to Hawaii, despite this state’s size and diversity. The Rainbow State boasts a tropical climate, unrivaled geography, exquisite beaches, world-class National Parks, and distinct culture. In addition, the islands have a reasonably strong craft beer industry. Hawaiians aren’t harvesting native hops for brewing as others typically do when brewing a … Read more

Tips for Golfing in Hawaii

a man playing golf, sunset view, a man playing golf against the sunset 

Hawaii attracts golfers of all levels from all over the world due to its magnificent landscape, one-of-a-kind signature holes, and championship-caliber course designs. There are a variety of best golf courses in Hawaii, ranging from greens surrounded by black volcanic rough to picturesque beachfront water hazards.  According to a recent poll of … Read more

What Major Observatories and Telescopes Are in Hawaii?

Mauna Kea Observatories, clouds, Mauna Kea summit, blue sky, road

Hawaii is home to some of the major telescopes and observatories around the world as it’s the Earth’s point of connection to the rest of the universe. In the state of Hawaii, there are currently 27 astronomical observatories with professional telescopes for astronomy studies. Although some observatories are compounds with many telescopes … Read more

Who Was Don Ho and What Was He Famous For?

Don Ho’s album

Don Ho was a popular traditional pop musician, singer, and entertainer in America. He became known due to his famous song “Tiny Bubbles.” In addition to that, he was also popular due to his laid-back, aloha style, which made him an island tourist attraction in Hawaii for about four decades. However, before … Read more

Are You Allowed to Own a Gun in Hawaii?

beach in Hawaii

Many gun owners in the US know that owning and carrying a gun is legal in most states, but what some of them don’t know is if it is allowed to have firearms in the faraway state of Hawaii. Nicknamed by both locals and tourists as the “Aloha State,” Hawaii is a … Read more

Is Coffee Grown in Hawaii?

a person picking coffee fruit

Hawaii is one of the states that is emerging as an up-and-coming coffee-growing region in the continent. Looking closely at Hawaii’s coffee production, you can see that the region produces exciting new flavors of coffee. In 2020, Hawaii’s total annual coffee harvest was estimated at up to $102.91 million (source). Also, Hawaii … Read more

What Popular Bands and Artists Are from Hawaii?

People attending concert

Haiwaii is known for its relaxed, laidback island paradise. The music on the Island reflects the easy lifestyle of the people.  Ukuleles and slack-key guitars accompany the music of Hawaii. Despite its simplicity, the bands and musicians have remained innovative in folk, rock, reggae, electronica, fusion, funky, trance, and other variations, including … Read more

Tips for Working Remotely from Hawaii

Working Remotely

With the increasing pace of the digital world, most businesses are now shifted digitally. The silver linings of the pandemic world have also forced entrepreneurs and businessmen to move to the digital world.  In order to make their mark digitally and provide more opportunities to the rest of the world, they now … Read more