Are There Hawaiian Beers?

Nothing compares to Hawaii, despite this state’s size and diversity. The Rainbow State boasts a tropical climate, unrivaled geography, exquisite beaches, world-class National Parks, and distinct culture.

In addition, the islands have a reasonably strong craft beer industry. Hawaiians aren’t harvesting native hops for brewing as others typically do when brewing a drink. Still, they incorporate various local ingredients into excellent batches of drinks, including coconut, hibiscus, passion fruit, pikake flowers, and much more.

However, because they are part of a minor production scale, many of the fascinating beers stay in the state because crossing the Pacific serves no purpose. However, as the industry matures, more Hawaiian-made products will inevitably make their way to other countries in the world, like how Heineken, Snow, and Corona Beer did. 

Aside from trying Hawaii’s finest delicacies such as kalua pig, laulau, and poke, why not try their refreshing local beers that are perfect to pair with the state’s local cuisine. While viewing a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, grilling on the beach, or resting from an exhausting surf session, reward yourselves to some of the most excellent Hawaii brewed beers.

Maui Brewing’s Big Swell IPA

It’s not the most outstanding or most distinctive IPA out there. However, Maui Brewing’s Big Swell IPA is undoubtedly one of the most well-balanced drinks in Hawaii

The renowned IPA from Maui Brewing Company is light and refreshing. It’s one of the few alternatives of the drink that won’t overpower you on a hot day, which is likely because Hawaiians require thirst-quenching properties in addition to a shot of hops after a long tiring day. 

The dry-hopped beer contains a pleasant tropical flavor with a hint of citrusy taste. This full-flavored Big Swell IPA is made with malted barley and four various types of hops straight from the Northwest. 

This drink starts with a mellow and creamy, malty flavor and ends with the blasting taste of hops. It has 6.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 82 International Bitterness Unit (IBU). So if you are into hoppy beers, this is the one for you. 

Hula Hefeweisen

Kona Brewing Co. brewpub in Hawaii

Kona Brewing Company serves handcrafted ales and lagers in their Brewpub in Hawaii’s Big Island. Out of the many beverages they serve, their brand is known for their Hula Hefeweisen beer. Hula Hefeweisen beer is a classic Bavarian-style wheat beer with a dominant banana or herbal taste and smell. 

They achieve this kind of taste and smell of this beer by using a specific yeast strain during alcoholic fermentation. This drink has 5% alcohol content and 16 IBU. This beer is a great refreshing choice after a long day at the beach.  

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii’s Big Island, do not forget to visit Brewpub — a 2,000-square-foot pub and brewery — for a chill and refreshing sip of Hula Hefeweisen. 

Kona Brewing Hibiscus Brut IPA

glass of beer from Kona Brewing Co

While traditional beers such as Longboard Island Lager and Big Wave Golden Ale are delicious and widely accessible, Kona Brewing Company has more creative abilities that change with the seasons. 

The Hibiscus Brut IPA, a surprisingly hefty 8 percent ABV beer made with a delightful infusion of hibiscus and Nelson Sauvin hops, is among the brand’s latest products and possibly its best. It’s a beautiful combination of the freshness of a good brut IPA, the perfect degree of bitterness, and the flowery, tea-like taste that only hibiscus flowers can provide.

Longboard Island Lager

Longboard Island Lager is a creamy, delicious lager fermented and matured for five weeks at cool temperatures to achieve its outstanding smoothness. Longboard Lager goes well with mild food, but it also has a good flavor and power to be paired with heartier fare such as grilled chicken and pizza.

Longboard Island Lager tastes fresh, mild, and delightful. It has a fiery, grassy hop flavor with the aftertaste of tangy touch of lemon that truly loads the middle of the tongue. The finish is crisp and clear, with a faint bitter taste and low alcohol content. It’s a little thin, but it’s delightful to taste.

Kiawe Honey Porter

Brewmaster Dave Campbell of Aloha Beer Company has introduced a variety of distinctive beers that exemplify “the traditional Hawaiian life,” earning him the title of “Pioneer of Craft Beer” in the state’s beer industry. Aloha Beer Company, based on the island of Oahu, has its Brewpub or beer hall, serving up fresh-brewed favorites, including the Kiawe Honey Porter, which has a good blend of mild honey and roast cocoa flavors.

The Aloha Brewpub’ Kiawe Honey Porter is, by far, the most outstanding beer in the beer hall. It’s smooth, creamy, and powerful, with a pleasant but not overpowering hops flavor. It was a bit light and a little hoppy for a porter, but many people like it.

This beer has a 6% ABV. Locals say that it would be nice to pair with one scoop of vanilla ice cream, also sold in the pub. This is among their rotating special beers on their menu, so sadly, Kiawe Honey Porter isn’t always accessible.

Big Wave Golden Ale

a glass of golden ale partnered with potato skins

Big Wave is a thin or watery golden ale with a tropical hop fragrance and taste that is mellow and simple to drink. The golden tint of this beer is because of the special ingredient — caramel malt, and the brand’s unique hop blend, which produces a brilliant, refreshing finish.

Big Wave pairs well with fish salads and light pasta recipes because it is light-bodied and has a vibrant hop fragrance and flavor. The Big Wave Golden Ale has a 4.4 percent alcohol content and 21 IBU, perfect for drinking when chilling on a hot sunny day. Its low alcohol content makes it the ideal session beer for hot days and nights.

Maui Brewing Imperial Coconut Porter

The Imperial Coconut Porter is the stronger and full-bodied sibling of Maui Brewing’s popular classic coconut porter, and it’s another excellent choice of beer from the brand. It’s has a smooth finish, with notes of coconut, baking cocoa, malt, and a touch of toffee that are well-integrated and balanced perfectly. 

It’s has a smooth finish, with notes of coconut, baking cocoa, malt, and a touch of toffee that are well-integrated and balanced perfectly. It’s great with your preferred mole cuisine or on its own. With a 9% ABV, the Imperial Coconut Porter is a beer that’s better for evenings and crazy nights than for morning refreshment.

Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale

The Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale from Waikiki Brewing Company is a light-bodied, somewhat bitter two-row malt brewed on Oahu’s island. The beer uses Perle, Tettnang, and Cascade hops, which contribute bitterness while also providing an outstanding balance to the drink.

The Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale has a 4.62% alcohol content and 18 IBU. The base of this light and crisp blonde ale is made up of light crystal and two-row malts. While the Perle and Tettnang hops contribute a subtly bitter flavor and excellent balance to the malt, the cascade hops incorporated in the boil give the beer a delicately fruity and tropical scent.