What is Kakamora Mythology?

Tiki Makiʻi Tauʻa Pepe (foreground) and Tiki Manuiotaa (background) from the meʻae Iʻipona on Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands

Folklore and ghost stories that have been passed down through the years are abundant throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Traditional Hawaiian mythology and religion include connections to prehistoric Polynesian beliefs that the first inhabitants of the islands carried over with them. These beliefs were later molded through time by their relationship with these … Read more

What are the main industries in Hawaii?

hawaiian sailboat during a sunset

Hawaii’s lavish buildings, remarkable tourist attractions, rich culture, delectable food, and many locals and tourists surely contribute to the state’s economy. Throughout the years, Hawaii has been one of the states that has had regular increasing economic growth (outside of the Covid 19 Pandemic).   Tourism is surely the cornerstone of the … Read more

Learn About the city of Hilo

falls in Hilo

Hilo is the largest city on the Big Island and the oldest city in Hawaii. Some people say that Hilo is the Big Island itself. It overlooks Hilo Bay and two volcanoes named Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Hilo City is divided into the District of South Hilo and North Hilo.  Districts … Read more

Types of Remote Jobs Available in Hawaii

Office, Home Office, Technology

Hawaii may be the place for you if you imagine sandy beaches and the ideal wave. Hawaii is at the top of many people’s wish lists because of its stunning scenery, year-round pleasant weather, and abundance of outdoor activities. While the pandemic took a toll on the economy, particularly due to a … Read more

Tips for Golfing in Hawaii

a man playing golf, sunset view, a man playing golf against the sunset 

Hawaii attracts golfers of all levels from all over the world due to its magnificent landscape, one-of-a-kind signature holes, and championship-caliber course designs. There are a variety of best golf courses in Hawaii, ranging from greens surrounded by black volcanic rough to picturesque beachfront water hazards.  According to a recent poll of … Read more

Are You Allowed to Own a Gun in Hawaii?

beach in Hawaii

Many gun owners in the US know that owning and carrying a gun is legal in most states, but what some of them don’t know is if it is allowed to have firearms in the faraway state of Hawaii. Nicknamed by both locals and tourists as the “Aloha State,” Hawaii is a … Read more

Tips for Working Remotely from Hawaii

Working Remotely

With the increasing pace of the digital world, most businesses are now shifted digitally. The silver linings of the pandemic world have also forced entrepreneurs and businessmen to move to the digital world.  In order to make their mark digitally and provide more opportunities to the rest of the world, they now … Read more

The Benefits of Minimalist Living in Hawaii

The Benefits of Minimalist Living in Hawaii

Opting for minimalist living is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life. By doing so, you put an end to all unnecessary things and tend to concentrate more on important aspects that can spark true happiness as you have never experienced before. If you’re living or planning to … Read more

Why are Window Shutters Popular in Hawaii

Wooden window shutter with red flowers

Hawaii has always been known for its beautiful beaches; your bucket list isn’t complete if Hawaii is not listed there. The jaw-dropping sceneries would surely leave you breathless once you set foot in Hawaii. From fresh coconut-inspired drinks up to the locals that will greet you in complete bliss. There is always … Read more

Discover the Feral Cats Species in Hawaii


When we think about cats, we think about cute, doe-eyed creatures that never leave our side. They are cute, adorable, and loyal. But once you have found out about feral cats, you may start thinking twice about describing them such as these. Have you heard about the feral cats that are wandering … Read more