Getting Inspiration From Hawaiian Interior Decor

One of the most significant challenges homeowners face when reinventing their homes is finding an interior design style and matching decorations to apply and use for their dwelling space. With the abundance of options available, it can be tough to select which one will suit you. But, if you’re for a relaxed appeal and get more connected to nature, getting inspiration from a Hawaiian home style will be your best yet. From comfortable positioning of furniture to island-themed accessories, it provides a tropical vibe that you can genuinely relish. So, read below and discover how you can give your interior style and decor an Aloha style!

Play with the primary color palette

Color Palette, Hawaiian, Home

One of the first things you need to do is pick a primary color palette. Some of the tones that fit Hawaiian interiors include vibrant earthy shades that denote the ocean, islands, and tropical plants and flowers. Popular choices include bright blues for the water, lush greens for vegetation, and oranges, reds, and pinks to resemble flora. A careful blend of both light and bright colors resembles nature’s warmth and brightness.

Use contrasts

After setting up the primary color tones, it’s time to add contrasts to enhance the home’s look further. You can achieve that contrast by going more intense on furniture and decorative items. For instance, you can go dark brown on the wooden floor and top it with a lightly-colored carpet to provide a softer appeal, providing a contrast that perfectly matches your bright base color and still bestows that calming island energy and feel.

Apply fun accents and prints

Patterns, Accents, Hawaiian

Another way to give your home a Hawaiian feel is by adding fun accents and prints to upholsteries and embroideries. These include metal wind spinners and patterns, such as palms, ferns, seashells, and pineapples, which can all provide a tropical atmosphere to your home.

Employ textures

Texture is your next ally when it comes to your Hawaiian interior decor, as it another vital factor that brings out a natural zest inside your living space. You can use various furnishings made of woods and fibers, such as cane, rattan, sisal, bamboo, and grass, and apply them to doors, tables, countertops, and other furniture.

However, while going rustic and traditional is usually the best way to go. Deviating from and venturing out using metals and plastic will do, as long as it fits the overall Hawaiian theme, proving that the style can be of yore or progressive, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Open the entryways

One common feature of a Hawaiian home is its open rooms. That means you need to “free” the rooms by shifting from traditional doors to curtains filled with beads, grass, or other items from nature. Complement it with a tropical-inspired deck or room, and you’ll get that unique Hawaiian vibe.

Add decorative items

Shell, Decorative Items, Hawaiian

The last thing to do is add the finishing touches. These include decorative items, ranging from mirrors, rocks, posters, shells, and candles. Adding potted plants is also a surefire as it gives that genuine natural tropic home feel.


Those are the best ways you can follow to get a Hawaiian-inspired home. Remember, those are only meant to serve as a guide. You’re free to reinvent it the way you love it. After all, your home is a refuge that you should be most comfortable with, happy, and proud about.