How to Travel to Hawaii With a Pet

How to Travel to Hawaii With a Pet

Bringing pets from other countries to the United States or traveling with pets from one U.S. contiguous state to another seems to be an easy task. However, if you plan to have an Aloha holiday with your pet, things can be pretty different. Hawaii is relatively stricter and has a challenging process … Read more

A Guide to Camping in Hawaii


Blessing with awe-inspiring sceneries, oceanside state parks, white sand beaches, near-volcano campgrounds, and verdant surroundings, Hawaii is undoubtedly a paradise for every camper. Imagine yourself pitching your tent in the sand, gazing at the stars at night, sleeping to the sound of the surf, and enjoy the fresh breeze or dive into … Read more

Precautions to Take on the Golf Course


Compared to other rigorous sports, golf is considered a safe and low-impact activity, as there is less contact with players and a few basic rules to follow. Despite that, injuries and unfortunate events can still happen, especially when guidelines are ignored or if a golfer does not protect himself. To help out, … Read more

Introduction to All the Hawaiian Islands

All the Hawaiian Islands

Millions of people go to Hawaii annually to spend time and enjoy its stellar sandy beaches, top-rated resorts, picturesque environments, amazing wildlife, and diverse climate. Nestling in the northern Pacific Ocean, the Aloha state comprises 137 islands and islets mostly formed by volcanoes. Yet, despite that huge number, the archipelago is renowned … Read more

Top Golf Courses in Hawaii

Golf course Princeville Kauai Hawaii

With its picturesque scenery and world-beaches, Hawaii surely has enticed a lot of travelers who want to relax or enjoy a tropical vibe. Yet, not all are aware that the islands are also a haven for golfers around the world, regardless of their expertise level. No surprise as Hawaii is also home … Read more