Waterproof Speakers are a Must for Any Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii is a dream trip destination for many reasons. It’s difficult to go wrong with this place’s stunning white sand beaches, green mountain scenery, delectable seaside cuisine, and lovely resort pools. Hawaii is a fantastic place, from its people to its weather!

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii and aren’t sure what to bring, you should get a waterproof speaker to make your trip more enjoyable and vibrant without having to worry about breaking it when you’re on the beach!

Get in the mood while on your trip by listening to beach songs with some of the best water-resistant or waterproof Bluetooth speakers to pair and play through—whether you’re looking for killer bass, pristine audio, or something rugged and cheap.

Soundcore 2-Anker

Anker provides a lot at a small price. Because the speaker is waterproof, you can take it with you wherever you go. This speaker boasts a long-lasting battery life of up to 24 hours, which is understandable given Anker’s reputation for charging electronics. 

But it’s the BassUp technology that sets it apart. The Soundcore 2 doesn’t skimp on the low end, delivering deep, resonant bass, unlike many cheaper Bluetooth speakers.

Battery life: up to 24 hours

IP rating: IPX7

SRS-XB13 Extra BASS-Sony

The Sony SRS-XB13 is a small but powerful console. It fits into the palm of your hand or a car cupholder and is completely waterproof and dust-proof. 

When you add the removable strap, it transforms into a handy wristlet or keychain. With punched-up bass, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe a tiny device could produce such rich, deep sound.

Battery life: up to 16 hours

IP rating: IP67

Boom 3-Ultimate Ears

The Boom 3 from UE is a fantastic waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’ll impress those with a keen ear for audio, with a 360-degree sound that’s built on a deep bass foundation. It’s dust and water-resistant, which explains its IP67 rating, although you’d never guess it from the attractive fabric cover. 

Though the one-touch button simplifies music selection, it also comes with an app. The Boom 3 is unquestionably a winner, reaching the sweet spot of excellent design and reasonable pricing.

Battery life: up to 15 hours

IP rating: IP67


For this level of speaker, Tribit’s StormBox covers all the bases. Its design is similar to the excellent UE speakers, but it costs half as much. Its IPX rating of 7 indicates that it is completely waterproof. 

It creates a pleasant (but not spectacular) tone. And the battery life isn’t bad either. Overall, it’s a good value for money alternative.

Battery life: up to 20 hours

IP rating: IPX7

Beosound A1- Bang & Olufsen

The products of Bang & Olufsen exude good taste. But it’s not just about vanity. This waterproof speaker features 18 hours of battery life when music is played at normal levels, improved mics for making calls, and Alexa (or other smart assistants) support.

These are all in a small, portable package (that extends to 43 hours at lower volumes). It comes in a variety of colorways, each of which is stunning.

Battery life: up to 43 hours

IP rating: IP67

The Barnacle Pro-Speaqua

sea, waves, surfer, surfing board

This little speaker was designed to float, whether on a small rowboat, a yacht, or a surfboard. It may float on the surface, but an IP68 rating implies it can stay submerged for an extended period if it falls overboard. 

A suction cup hold on board will keep it firmly in place, and if Bluetooth isn’t working or you wouldn’t want to risk bringing your phone out into the waves, it has a two-thousand-song internal music library that it’ll shuffle through without the need for a wireless connection.

Battery life: up to 8 hours

IP rating: IP68

What to Consider When Purchasing a Waterproof Speaker

pink waterproof bluetooth speaker on glass, water droplets

When looking for a waterproof speaker, durability, battery life, and sound are the most crucial factors to consider. A high-quality device should be able to give a superb sonic experience for several hours between charges, regardless of the type of adventure you take it on.

In terms of sound, the more audio drivers a speaker has, the more detailed and enjoyable the sound will be. Chose a product that can offer high-quality stereo sound and a device that can deliver multidirectional, 360-degree music.

The absolute minimum battery life you should consider before purchasing a waterproof speaker is 10 hours. This will ensure that the device can keep you entertained daily. Most of the best waterproof speakers have enough power to play music for a whole day.

Other cool features to consider are the capacity to charge your phone or other devices and built-in lights. App-enabled tools for personalizing the speaker’s sound and modifying its settings, among other things, are also available. You can also use an app to upgrade your speaker’s firmware and potentially enhance its capabilities.