Why are Window Shutters Popular in Hawaii

Hawaii has always been known for its beautiful beaches; your bucket list isn’t complete if Hawaii is not listed there. The jaw-dropping sceneries would surely leave you breathless once you set foot in Hawaii. From fresh coconut-inspired drinks up to the locals that will greet you in complete bliss. There is always something unique to know about Hawaii; that’s why people recognize the wonderful island of Hawaii and its culture.

The people of Hawaii have already adapted to the environment they are currently living in; hot, humid weather. If you plan to visit Hawaii or even if you’ve been there, you could’ve noticed one detail that most locals have adapted – usage of window shutters.

Hawaii and the Window Shutters

Window shutters are primarily used, if not always, in every structure in Hawaii. Due to the hot, humid weather they currently have, they have utilized this window treatment in homes and businesses. Not only can they cut energy costs it also adds aesthetics to the structure itself. Window shutter mainly provides natural light to the interiors, plus it gives out a breeze that can cool down buildings or houses. The other benefits of having window shutters? Durability, versatility, and privacy. It lasts longer and better depending on the material that was used. People can also fit these windows to any openings due to their custom-made options. If you want a window treatment that provides additional privacy, this is the right choice; it provides an extra form of privacy for the owners with the way it’s built.

So with the benefits and advantages of a window shutter, most people are also considering having these trusty window treatments installed at their homes. But what do you need to consider when planning to have a window shutter installed? 

Types of Materials for Window Shutters

If you plan to have window shutters installed, you need to consider the available materials for the window. Depending on the location, you can choose from these few materials; wood, polymer, composite, and vinyl. Since most of the shutters are custom-made, you can make sure that they will properly suit the open spaces in your home.

Here are the differences between different materials:

  • Vinyl Shutters: If you prefer the ones made out of plastic, vinyl will be the best pick for you. Vinyl shutters are reasonably easy to find; the only downside, though, is the quality. Since it’s made out of vinyl, there is no core; it’s basically a  hollow piece. When purchasing a vinyl shutter, it’s good to take note that it cannot be repaired; if it is damaged, you have to replace the whole panel.
  • Composite Shutters: Both vinyl and composite shutters do have a plastic look on them; the only difference, composite shutters are not hollow. Composite shutters are much more durable than vinyl ones; having a medium-density fiberboard provides additional strength to the material. It’s a dilemma you need to figure out, because unlike the vinyl shutters – composite shutters can accumulate moisture, thus causing them to break apart much easier. The only thing vinyl and composite shutters share is that they are both irreparable. Once moisture builds up, you need to replace the whole panel as well.
  • Polymer Shutters: If you’re that type of person who enjoys wood-looking designs, then you might want to consider getting polymer shutters. The polymer is top tier among the synthetic line of materials; it’s the most durable and rigid. That’s also the reason why this material is recommendable for exterior installation. The material is primarily moisture-proof, but it can be repaired to look new again if they get damaged due to time. If we’re going to weigh it out, polymer surely outplays the other two, but it will still depend on the budget and availability.

Consult a Professional

Whether you’re thinking about getting one installed or maybe already canvassing what you think would fit better, it’s always a good idea to consult people who have proper knowledge of these kinds of things. Having a lovely house sure sounds promising, but it would be best if your home will be both durable and good-looking. So maybe try to consult with a professional Interior Designer and have your options adequately weighed. At the end of the day, this is where you’ll be living with your family for a long time, so doing proper research would be quite handy.